Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) is a fake disease

Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) is a fake disease created by boring out-of-touch leaders who are pissed off that kids aren't listening to them.

Many teachers are on a power trip. Rather than engaging students in discussions of different opinions, they often try to present their opinions as the only correct interpretation. Although it is nice to consider a teacher's point of view, I found it offensive to suck up like many of them demanded.

I also, found many teachers simply weren't teaching me anything. When I really wanted to get work done, I would stay home from school where I could really learn without being pestered by teachers.

I decided it was best to put up with all the crap I was dealt at school, so that I would be viewed as "good and smart." Other kids did not have such patience or foresight, and erupted with what is labeled as Attention Deficit Disorder. Kids need to learn how to take the Bull Shit many elders feed us, but some of the blame for kids not excelling in school should be placed on those who run the schools and classrooms.

ADD is not a disease, it is an excuse for poor leadership.

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